Obsidian does not handle well note titles containing non-breaking space

  1. Linking some of my notes was not possible
  2. Autosugestion works, but it will give me suggestion of a new note with the same title as existing one but with md extension
  3. So instead of linking existing ‘[[note 1]]’ obsidian will link [[note 1.md]]
  4. Clicking [[note 1.md] will create a new empty file instead of linking to existing one
  5. The issue is happening only when the linked existing file contain non-breaking space in the title ( Non-breaking space, (U+00A0)).
  6. The linked file was created in the different editor; when pasting string containing non-breaking space as note title obsidian will change it to normal space
  7. The title of original note is displayed in Obsidian as containing normal space while the name of the same note in the file system contain non-breaking space

We are aware of this issue. Maybe we could add a fix for this in the md importer plugin? @Licat

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I have the same issue. And what surprise me is I can generate two .md file with exactly the same name under the same folder without conflict!?
Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 20.26.51

Then it turns out to be a backslash.
Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 20.26.31

Their name look the same but they are not.

Should be fixed in 0.7. Let me know if it works when we release it.