Obsidian deletes the files from time to time

The problem is simple I’ve been using obsidian for a year and a fairly frequent error is that obsidian deletes the folders I had in the trunk (it appears as the first time you open obsidian) and I have to reopen the folders every so often and it’s not because I’ve made some kind of modification there, sometimes I don’t do anything and it deletes the info and I have to reopen each folder

I don’t understand you. The trunk?
Can you post a video or some screenshot explaining what your problem is.

And stating what sync or cloud backup is used on the files. That’s where most of these issues originate.

Plugins can be another cause, so maybe you could list those you are using.

Are you maybe saying that your list of vaults is disappearing, in the vault switcher?

If I say that, the trunk deletes the list of vaults, it is not a plugin, it has been happening to me for a long time, I cannot take a photo either since the problem happens from time to time, but as I told you, it deletes all the vaules that I had created and it’s time to open them from the folder and I’ve made several changes I don’t know if it happens to you or if it happens only to me and I tried almost everything

I can’t post screenshot as the problem happens from time to time

Unless you have the same problem. where I think the error may be is because I use the Spanish language in configuration, the complements are not because it happened to me from the beginning of the app and I have changed them a lot

I understand that your language is Spanish. But please try to describe more clearly what is happening.

You said “delete”. If your vaults are being deleted, that means the files are gone from your computer.

But you also said you have to “open them from the folder” which means your files still exist.

  1. First, please paste the results from “Show debug info” inside Obsidian. The command is also “Show debug info” in Spanish.
  2. Are your files being deleted? Or are they simply disappearing from the list of vaults in Obsidian? Are the files still on your computer?
  3. When you are describing something in Obsidian, please do not translate. Use the same Spanish words you see from the Obsidian app. “Trunk” is not clear. Or better, show us a screenshot. If you use the Spanish words, we can change the UI to Spanish and see what you see.
  4. Where is your vault stored? What is the path on your computer where your vault is stored? Are you storing your vault in a folder that syncs with the cloud, like iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox?

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