Obsidian Daily Note stuck on wrong date

What I’m trying to do

  1. Use core plugin to create a Daily Note
  2. Create a new Daily Note with today’s date and file ref.
  3. From command: 'Daily Notes — Open Today’s Daily Note

What I am seeing

Daily Note for previous day i.e. as I post this on Jan 15 seeing note already populated and dated 2024-01-14

Remedies attempted

Restarts; turn off all community plugins and most core plugins (the inessential ones)
Substitute daily-note-template file which had a simple tried-and-rested Dataview query for a ‘clean’ template.
Check date and time in Mac preferences!


Obsidian is 1.5.3 running on Mac Catalina 10.15

Insights please!

Good one! :wink:

When you turn on Restricted mode (no plugins), be sure to restart Obsidian as well as not all plugins are unloaded with just turning them off.

Can you screenshot your Daily notes settings? There may be a clue in there.

Restricted mode on and restarted.

I have created a new daily note template — “Ians_Daily_Note” — and the template file location points to this, but when I click on the “open Today’s Daily Note” button at left of window pane,

I just get the 2024-01-14 page.

Screenshot of Daily Note Settings attached

In the Date format section, you want to have YYYY-MM-DD (or similar). This field will be the note/file name on disk. Click on the format reference link for details. Right now, your setting gives the daily note a file name of 2024-01-14. It won’t change based on the date.

Also the New file location is a folder in your vault. It probably shouldn’t have an @ in it.

Here’s what mine looks like in a vault:

Yay! Many thanks. Silly mistake… but then, they usually are.

FYI I have top level folders labelled @FOLDER to keep them at the top – it doesn’t seem to cause Obsidian any bother.

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