Obsidian creating several duplicate files whenever launched

I use Obsidian on my mac laptop, iPhone and Windows 10 PC, and while it works without problems on the first two, I’ve been having persistent troubles with it on Windows. My vault is synced on iCloud and I haven’t had any problems syncing files there before, but with Obsidian whenever I open a vault on my PC problems arise. The syncing process takes a very long time, on average over 15 minutes (the vault is not big, and has under 30 documents in total), and several duplicates of files start appearing. Currently the amount of copies seems to range from 3 to 13, or sometimes even over. During this time Obsidian is also frozen, and often unresponsive. These duplicate files show up on the iCloud folder on my PC, and while all other syncing between devices on iCloud works without problems, usually only some of these duplicate files seem to sync properly.

Steps to reproduce

Opening a vault on Windows and sync starting.

Expected result

The sync to finish fairly quickly and for all my files to be there as they were when I last left them after saving.

Actual result

Sync takes ridiculously long, the app is unusable and countless of duplicate documents keep appearing.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info:

Additional information

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You can search the help section of the forum. There are several threads about iclould on windows creating duplicates. Nothing we can do about it.