Obsidian creates Wikilinks for non-existing pages even if the Wikilinks option is turned off


When you turn off the Wikilinks option in the Settings, and you start creating a new link using [[ to a page that does not yet exists, Obsidian creates a Wikilink instead of a Markdown link to that page.

Expected result
If a user explicitly turns off Wikilinks in the Obsidian Settings, Obsidian should respect that. I would expect the link to be created using Markdown. Right now, if I do [[New Page]], that is what shows, but if the page does not exist, Obsidian, with the Wikilinks setting turned off of course, should create the link with [[New Page]](New%20Page.md)

How to reproduce

  1. Turn off wikilinks in the setting
  2. Open a note
  3. Start typing two brackets [[ and a page name that does not exist
  4. Hit enter
  5. The link is now a Wikilink, not a markdown link.

I really don’t see this as a feature request as I said, because the user has explicitly told Obsidian not to use Wikilinks.


A similar help post a bit ago:

Hi, interesting that did not come up in the suggested box whenI was typing. Sorry about that.

I do not agree though. I am embarking on a project to create several hundred pages of documentation and this is going to slow me down significantly as I’m constantly linking to pages that have yet to be created.

I can’t find a plugin (that works), is there a way to search an entire vault to convert all wikilinks to markdown (AND maintain relative paths)? Need this for interoperability purposes.

Grrrrr… Maybe a default to link to the page.md if it doesn’t exists, that’s quite sensible.

Open to other ideas to make this (and future additions to this vault) more frictionless, because this is a metric ton of friction.

The problem is that standard markdown links are not equipped for the case of non existing page.
strong text
Standard markdown links need a path to work. Beyond assuming the extension where should we assume file will be?

Search/open a FR for this.

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