Obsidian crashes when vault is located on network drive

My Obisian vaults are located on a windows file share.
The device providing the share is Win10 x64 LTSB 1608.
The device accessing the share is Win10 x64 LTSC 1809.

It seems that if the device that hosts the share is restarted (to apply patches) and the accessing device is not restarted, Obisian crashes when trying to access the vault.
Obsidian is, of course, not running when the hosting device is restarted.

Obsidian shows the “loading plugins” screen, then returns to the vault selection.
One of the affected vaults has no plugins installed at all.
It worked fine after copying the vault to local drive.

All other applications work fine again (after the host device is restarted) and file access to the share is also possible.

Since this only affects Obsidian, I would assume that this is a defect.
Is there any log I can check?
It would be great if there was any kind of workaround, as I usually only restart my client device once a month (otherwise hibernate).

We don’t support network drives.

Obsidian only works well on full featured filesystems. Network drive mounts are emulated filesystems that, depending on the implementation, lack some FS feature. Most commonly the ability to monitor a directory for changes.

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