Obsidian Canvas so close to be teh best visual tool every but

Afer spening a few h with Obsidian Canvas im very impressed however there a some thing which needs to be upgraded in order to become one of the best in this category and even betetr than MIRO

  1. I cannot move left and right (In Miro, I can right-click with my mouse and move freely around the screen)
  2. Please add text editor, so text can be aligned to right left or center
  3. Please add text tool, so we can just add a text and link directly to text
  4. Add support to PowerPoint slides (Like in Miro)
  5. Allow of different link sizes, shapes and colors
  6. Add Box fill options
  1. Hold Middle click or hold space, (or shift scroll wheel for scrolling horizontally).

  2. There is already a canvas only text box.

The rest one feature request per post.

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Thank You, is there an operation manual available ?

I will keep playing and advise on recomended fetures, thanks

Thank you, the new feature is fantastic.

It is absolute a game changer, Im a long term Miro user and Obsidian Canvas provides me with almost everything i need just small improvements, adds on and adjustments needed
Just this plugin can be a chargable feature when is as good as Miro

Is there a way to assign space hold with a different button or mouse left long hold top move around ?

no you can open FR for those

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