Obsidian cache on startup. notes in ram for quicker loading

how to? I want it to load faster, so I want it to fetch cache asap since use it often.

What I’m trying to do

have faster load times

Things I have tried

looking for caching in all the plugins and categories

It said it was under core plugins, but I don’t have it on desktop, and probably not in mobile.
or a solution to autorun apps on mobile startup, and then cache the notes for brevity


If I am not mistaken; When you open your vault, Obsidian will compare the list of files on the hard drive with what is in the cache from the previous time the app was opened. For any new file or file with an updated modifiedTime, the cache content will be updated. Obsidian will cache the text content of the files into the metadataCache and opening the file (in (source) edit mode) should be pretty much instant. From there, any change to a file will trigger a cache update request.

What can make thing seem longer are that:

  • the cache of the rendered content is computed when you consult a file in reading view for the first time since Obsidian was last opened (assuming no change were applied to the file, the rendered view will stay the same cached one).
  • the live preview need to compute how things look when the view is loaded.
  • bigger elements take longer to be drawn on the screen depending on the device performances (that’s not something the Obsidian team could work on as the base engine is founded on top of Chronium, so displaying a 2000 lines array will always take the same time no matter the plugins or the work the team does).
  • plugins can add extra layers of analyses and rendering.

Considering all this and supposing I’m not (too) wrong, what sort of cache would you like to see / use / access?

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