Obsidian Broke for me

So I’ve been using obsidian to plan out a DnD campaign for about 2-3 weeks now last night I had it open in the background and it just closed out of no where I didn’t question this until recently when I tried opening obsidian again my vault was gone, all the files were saved locally but I couldn’t access them through obsidian when I tried to open a vault from my files or to create a new vault it wouldn’t let me choose from my local files and instead brought up a folder called “Jacuzzi” with a bunch of empty files and none of my old stuff in them does anybody know wtf happened or how I could fix this. also I should probably mention I’m on a Chromebook using the android app version. TLDR obsidian reset and wont let me access any of my files.

Hard to say what happened. It sounds like something may have deleted Obsidian’s global settings and/or made them unwritable — do you use any kind of storage cleaner app or anything like that? Also think about if anything else you had open might have somehow caused a problem (if only by going haywire).

First thing, backup your files to somewhere off the device.

I’d then restart the device — maybe it’s just a horrible mystery glitch that will clear up. If that doesn’t work, you could try reinstalling the app in case the installation somehow got corrupted.

It’s not clear to me if the folder called “Jacuzzi” is familiar to you. Is it something you created and it’s just strange that Obsidian is stuck on it, or do you have no idea where it came from?


so just going through the list of things you asked, no I don’t use a storage cleanser, something else that was open might’ve caused the problem idk its why I asked, I’ve reset everything 3 separate times now and uninstalled and reinstalled obsidian multiple times and no this Jacuzzi file is something I’ve never seen before.

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