Obsidian Best of the Year 2020 nomination has started

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a complicated relationship with 2020, and now it’s almost time to say goodbye. Reflecting on the year, many awesome themes and plugins were developed, and memorable stories and stunning graphs were shared.

To celebrate all these wonderful contributions, we have set up an award for the best themes, plugins, graphs, and stories of the year.

It works like this: people can either nominate their own creations, graphs, or stories (encouraged), or you can nominate someone else. The nomination phase starts now and ends on December 15.

Here are the nomination threads:

Theme of the Year: Obsidian Theme of the Year 2020 nomination thread
Plugin of the Year: Obsidian Plugin of the Year 2020 nomination thread
Graph of the Year: Obsidian Graph of the Year 2020 nomination thread
Story of the Year: Obsidian Story of the Year 2020 nomination thread

After that, we compile the results and let the entire community vote. Each category will have a top prize, a runner-up, and a random lucky winner. The winners will be officially acknowledged, as well as getting both digital and physical goodies from the developer team (we’ll need your mailing address!).