Obsidian backups on Mac

After I cleared the cache [link removed] of my Mac with PowerMyMac, I found that I can’t find my notes, they are not automatically backed up. Will Obsidian content be deleted along with it? How do I keep my notes?

There is a good chance your notes and vault settings are not lost. Only your app settings. But in the future you should prevent PowerMyMac from deleting your Obsidian app settings.

I’m not familiar with PowerMyMac. Did it give you a log of what files and folders it deleted?

Hopefully it just cleared away your app settings in your ~/Library, which would include the list of open vaults. So Obsidian just needs to be pointed back to your vault.

To reopen your vault, you’ll have to “Open As Vault” in the vault switcher inside Obsidian. Navigate to your notes, and open the folder again.

Do you remember where you stored your notes? If you don’t know where you stored your notes, try using Spotlight to search for .md files.

If you can’t find your notes, and that app did in fact delete your notes, no Obsidian doesn’t “automatically back up” anything. You must be responsible for backing up your computer’s data.

Obsidian Sync (a paid service) does automatically sync your notes. But syncing-tools are not good as full backup solution.

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