Obsidian as an Apple Notes replacement

Hi all, I am trying to make the switch from Apple Notes to Obsidian as my Documents collection and am stuck on a few things.

What I’m trying to do

I am currently using Apple Notes for document keeping as follows: Folders and sub folders for main topics (e.g. “Living/X City”). And in these sub folders I am keeping one note for every sub topic (e.g. “Internet”). And in this note I keep all the information regarding internet at this place: A picture of the information on my router, the contract as a PDF (scanned in directly from within the iOS App), also some text above and below documents describing them further. This all works great. Low effort, easy to share, syncs well to my Mac. However, I don’t like that all these documents are so dependent on iCloud and the Notes app working well. I would like to use a system where I keep all the documents and information about these documents as files in folders, allowing me to just move this folder somewhere else if I like, but at the same time having all the comfort of editing the information in the way described above so it also works for my (not so techy) partner. On first sight, Obsidian seems like just the tool for it but I am having some issues with the embedding files part.

Things I have tried

I think I am okay with not being able to scan documents from within the iOS app. I can still do that from Files, and I already discovered folder notes which works as expected. But then I need a plugin that keeps the files embedded in the note synced with those in the folder. My best find so far is Waypoint. Still a few issues with that:

  • Files are all attached at one spot. There is no way to insert text between them.
  • I cannot delete files from within the note.

I would like to be able to scan in a file in Files for it to appear automatically at the bottom of the folder note. I would also like to be able to remove the file from within the note.
Bonus: Using the built in image and PDF viewers on iOS would be great.

Am I trying to do something that Obsidian is just not made for? Any plugin ideas or alternative tools that I am not aware of?

Have you experimented, or checked Waypoint’s documentation? I think if you type stuff within the Waypoint block it may be preserved. (I don’t use it anymore so apologies if I’m misremembering.)

You can’t delete the attachment from where it’s embedded, but if you view the attachment itself you can delete it from the menu.

It would probably be possible to make a shortcut in Shortcuts that would delete the file of a selected embed (and the embed itself). You’d use the Shortcut Launcher plugin to send the info to the shortcut.

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