Obsidian Appreciation Thread - Let's show some love to the team - Thank you

I find your post particularly rude. in the thread opened specifically to be grateful to the authors of this software you promote another one. what a lack of respect

I tried Obsidian a year ago and found it too fiddly.

I tried Obsidian again two weeks ago and found it completely empowering!

It clicked for me with the mobile toolbar. I wanted a button in the iOS keyboard toolbar that quickly inserted today’s date. It was a feature in my main note taking app, but had recently been moved by fiat (I say this with love to my indie developers) to a nested menu in a recent update. So I fiddled around with the mobile toolbar in Obsidian, but didn’t see any timestamp option. I installed TimeStamper on my desktop, and a while later in mobile noticed the option to add that command to the toolbar, which I did! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I’ve never looked back since. I appreciate the fiddliness now because it means I have the agency and control over it. It opened my eyes to the power of customization, even in a closed environment like iOS.

Thank you Obsidian devs and community!

Well I’m just starting off into the world of writing more with a keyboard iso a pen… will still use my pen but I’m curious to see how powerful a tool this is. Thanks for making it open source. :pray::heart:

Obsidian isn’t open source, tho most community plugins are and it uses open data formats. I hope your writing goes well!

I have only installed obsidian and gone through the settings a few minutes ago, but already now I feel I should thank the developers for crafting such a beautiful piece of software.

I have a something in the ballpark of 300 notes that have been sitting idle in my Evernotes for years because I had no better place to put them at the time, but it’s a project that really demands a solid wiki structure (read: it’s a sprawling mess of brain worms) and I’m so exited to finally have a good home for this. Thank you so much for creating Obsidian.

While I don’t need the subscription features (or beta access), just getting this project in order will be more than worth the 25$ optional payment :heart:

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Hello to the Obsidian Dev team and also to the developpers of the wonderful plug-ins!

I have installed Obsidian like a week ago. Since the first day that I installed linux - like a year ago - I was searching for a note-taking app with formatting features but with a very clean interface. I couldn’t find that. I had installed Obsidian as well, but back in the time, I knew nothing about markdown and I didn’t like it.

Fast forward, one year passed, I learned a little bit Markdown, started to take notes in Neovim -for the clean layout- but I liked WYSIWYG editors, but couldn’t find any clean looking ones. Well, I found out how customizable Obsidian is! I am able to hide all the toolbars and everything with shortcuts and with .css and hider plug-in and now I have such a powerful app for note taking, where I can type in different colours (changed my headers to different colours), change text formatting, add images, I love the internal links and all of that without any toolbar visible! That’s AMAZING!

Here how 2 side by side Obsidian window looks in my set-up:


Love it! This is what I have been searching for a long time! I know almost nothing about .css, but even me I was able to customize this wonderful app to look as I want. I am LOVING markdown and Obsidian!

Thank you so much to the creators! I signed up to the forum just to type this message! :heart:



I’ve used some other apps that were pretty good, but had always been on the lookout for something better. No more! Obsidian is the first PKM/notes type tool that I truly intend to never switch from.


I have monkeyed around with other apps but have been committed to Obsidian now for three months and it’s really been great. I decided earlier this year to stick to only one app for notetaking, task management, and project management, and this lets me do it all. Plus I’ve long dreamed about creating some sort of personal Wiki that allows me to just dwrite down everything I know and everything I’ve learned, and Obsidian is perfect for this. And unlike all the other apps I’ve used, I love how this is cross-platform, and the notes are plain text in case I need to move them somewhere else. You all already know all this, but just wanted to add my appreciation.



New user here.

I’ve spent a long time searching for an app to fulfill the demands of work, my own projects, and the general need to organize my digital content.

Obsidian is a beautiful and useful app that so far seems to cover most of my needs, and I’m very thankful for that. I was also pleasantly surprised that I could use the most important features for free.

I have to admit that the first few times I used it, I abandoned it because it lacked the important note-preview feature, despite all the other ways to access certain notes. That was a sad decision considering the options out there.

Since I spend much time on novel-writing, I eventually landed on Scrivener, which has the aforementioned function, though it looks and feels a bit dated and clunky.

However, I soon needed a solution for AI, so Obsidian took the lead again. At least theoretically, because I haven’t got it to work properly with any AI plugin yet. That’s a story for another topic which I might post here later just for laughs.

Generally, everything feels very fresh, and I’m still learning despite spending lots of time with Obsidian, plugins, AI, you name it. It’s like I’m in school all over again.

As of today, I’m using Obsidian, Scrivener, and ChatGPT side by side, but I have a hopeful feeling I can settle on just the first in the near future. I have to check out all the alternative plugin options before accepting my fate, though; I’m persistent.

I’m glad I live in this time and age where there are so many interesting tools. However, I have to say that I had higher expectations of what would be offered in 2024, so Obsidian doesn’t have many competitors in my opinion and will most probably collect more users by time. And rightfully so.

You seem to have an open, strong, and passionate community, including other “Scriveners,” which reassures me in my decision to rely on this app.

Keep up the great work, both developers and plug-in developers!

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Thank you for an amazing program!!!