Obsidian app server

Use case or problem

running the app on machines without a graphical environment.
Specifically on userland or Termius on android.
Why ? I found it extremely convenient to have tutorials where you can actually modify/run the code inside the document. It brings a extra level of interactivity and is convenient that you don’t have to switch to a code editor to see the results.
On android one cannot execute code ( because it does not have shell access )

Proposed solution

Something similar to (vs)code-server : you run the server on the host and then the whole interface is available through a web page ( spa )

Current workaround (optional)

none that I know of.

One alternative solution would be to have it done through a plug-in that executes the code on a remote …

Related feature requests (optional)


The user will basically run code on the remote machine and basically will be exposing the host through http to code execution.
The application should be limited to use on localhost.