Obsidian Account Activation issue with email

Hello, I’m trying to sign up into obsidian account. It says my account was created and I may continue with validating my email:
“Signup success! You will receive an email soon to confirm your email address!”

I get a link in the email and click on it but I only get to the account page (My account - Obsidian) and prompted to fill my mail and password. When I do, I get a message “Login failed, please double check your email and password.”

  1. I’ve checked the account was created by attempting to create it again:
    “Seems like you already have an account! Please log in.”
  2. I’ve tried to change my password twice but with no success.
  3. I’m aware of the difference between forum and main account, my forum account is working as expected, I’m not trying to use my forum account credentials there.

I suspect the issue is in the email validation step that didn’t work for me. The account might then be in some “waiting for activation” state and prevents logging in.

Could you please help me to either get the activation email resent, or to get a contact to someone able to check what happened to my account?

Thank you!

From #announcements in Discord

PSA: Apologies, our login servers are currently suffering a DDoS attack which has been specifically coming from Chrome, so there’s a filter against Chrome that’s seemingly affecting legitimate users as well. If you can’t login via Chrome I would suggest updating Chrome or trying a different browser for now. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!

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Thank you for quick response. Confirming it works all fine with Firefox 111.0.1.

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Glad it’s sorted… on your end anyways!

Save [email protected] in your notes if issues continue, but (as you did) checking the forum or Discord for issues is :100:

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