Obsidian 0.13.24 Files duplicates and graph view

I am using Obsidian 0.13.24 build insider. I find myself with some duplicate files, graph view instead completely duplicated. After fixing the duplicate files and deleting them, the graph still shows everything duplicated, except the Tags. I closed, restarted the pc, restarted Obsidian, changed several themes. Nothing, not conclusive. I have disabled Obsidian Sync, but nothing. There are no errors. With Sync I synchronize everything. Now … Working like this is frustrating. I also tried reinstalling Obsidian, but it didn’t fix. I deleted the Obsidian Sync Cloud Vault. I have a local copy from a few days ago that wasn’t giving any problems: I tried to open a Vault from there but nothing, the duplicates come back. What could I do to start over? Do I avoid build insiders? The new publisher? - Most used theme lately: Topaz - Plugin: cmenu, advanced table, wangler tag, syntax highlighting, style settings

Plugin: disable all

Solved. Reinstall all without themes and plugin. Thanks.

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