Obsidain, why soo much "scripting"

Things I have tried

Looking for easy to use plug-in to do the job. But there is so much possible (which is an advantage) But also, it’s so time consuming to create what I need. I hoped to have an application that saves time and do the job. But it takes a lot of time to figure out and create what I want. At the same time, why is there no one editor which show the WYSIWYG experience at once. It sounds ridiculous for me to switch between an editor and a viewer for a “note taking app”

What I’m trying to do

It is very easy to get lost in complications of what is possible. Or even in looking at what all the available plugins actually do. My advice would be to keep it simple and productive and only add steps or plugins when you have a clear need that you can define.

This is how markdown is designed. There’s the source mode (which shows all the plaintext), the reading mode (which shows the output from the file), and Obsidian also has Live Preview which gives a mix of the two aimed at creating a WYSIWYG experience.

Rich text editors are more purely WYSIWYG - but they’re not entirely and there are many hidden symbols and sometimes you need to see them.

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There are plenty of WYSIWYG editors if that’s what you want. The power of Obsidian is in having a folder of plain text files that can link to each other. This allows you to work with the files in the future if Obsidian isn’t around in 20 years.

Hi @Remco If you are comfortable with CSS there are a few snippets in the forums/github that make it how the Markdown markup gets hidden when your cursor leaves the line it is on. So you only see the MD markup on the current line the cursor is on. This will give you an almost WYSIWYG edit mode.

I have used them for awhile now and I almost never go into the reading mode anymore.

I forget which post exactly I got them from but a lot of them were on a github of snippets, I think it was this one GitHub - Dmytro-Shulha/obsidian-css-snippets: Most common appearance solutions for Obsidian. I am sure the 'Clutter remove" snippet was one of them but I am pretty sure there were a few I needed to add.

Here is what mine looks like with the markdown hidden. Note that the left is edit and the right is view. Also see the word Example in the left side has the asterisks around it because I have the cursor on that line:

The only real problem I have is the headings 1 to 6 get a bit messed up when you are on the line with them but once you go to a different line they snap back to normal. As you can see Heading 4 in this pic breaks into two lines because I have the cursor there.

ps ignore the colors I am still working on getting something I like.

Also I think maybe some of the css came from this post: Clutter free edit mode - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

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