Number of spaces between words in note title doesn't match number of spaces in filename (spaces are not removed on filename)

If I make a note by wrapping existing text with brackets, and the text contains two spaces between the word, then the extra spaces are stripped in the title of the note, within Obsidian. But the filename still has the extra spaces. This leads to broken links.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type text in a note that contains more than one space between words, e.g.:
    This is a note title with five extra☐☐☐☐☐spaces between the words
  2. Wrap the phrase in double brackets, creating a new note.

Expected result


  • The note title and the file name both have 5 spaces


  • The note title and the file name both have one space between each word

Actual result

…the page it connects to has a title that doesn’t show the spaces (in Obsidian).

This can lead to conflicts. For example, if I I cut and paste the text of the title from the Obsidian page, the text that is pasted doesn’t contain the spaces, so that if I make a new link on the basis of the text copied from the title, the link is broken.
This link doesn’t work: [[This is a note title with five extra spaces between the words]]

Potential bug fixes:

  • Leave the spacing in the title, so that it matches the file name
  • Retain the hidden spacing from the title when copy-and-pasting from the title
  • Change the file name automatically, to eliminate extra spaces (effectively treating multiple spaces as invalid strings in filenames)


  • Operating system:
    macOS 13.2.3 Big Sur
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

I can’t reproduce this. In my case the spaces are stripped in the file too. Can you post a screen recording from the help vault? Thanks

It replicated in the Help vault immediately. Here’s a link to the screen recording:

thanks, it looks like it’s a mac specific bug. On windows the spaces are removed on the file as well.

I hope it’s not too hard to fix. I’ve not had too many problems, but there were a couple of broken links that had me thinking I was losing my mind!

we should have a fix in 0.11.14. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

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