🔁 Notion to Obsidian Migration Service—Sign up for Beta Testing!

Hi all, we’re renewing our call for beta testers.

We are building a web service which will allow you to simply and easily transfer your Notion notes over to an Obsidian-ready format.

Here’s a few screenshots of the service in action.

You can sign up for beta-testing here.

How is this service different from existing solutions?

  • Avoids common standard Notion export issues:
    • Notion export crashes due to large files.
    • Notes exporting with titles and no content.
  • Simple export process—no downloads or crawling through instructions.
  • Customise the layout of exported pages using detailed template customisation.

How does it work?

  1. Add your workspace.
  2. Press the “add to queue” button.
  3. Download the workspace when it’s ready.

Extra Special Features

  • Naming pasted images as the page title instead of “Untitled”.
  • Clean organisation of files on the file system with actual names (instead of random IDs).
  • Page properties formatted in a way that Dataview can read.
  • Fetching page titles in bookmark links.
  • Synced block support as embedded content.
  • Select and multi-select properties as # tags.

What does it support?

  • Properties.
  • Links between notes.
  • Databases.
  • Banners.
  • Files.
  • Images.
  • And more…

If you’re interested, please sign-up for beta testing here.

Public release coming “soon” (most likely Q4 2023).


This is really cool! I just have one question. Will this service be free once its released to the public?


We’re currently considering a free tier and a paid tier.

The free tier will give you access to something like 5 notes a day, while the paid tier will let you export as many notes as you like (useful for full workspace exports!)

Nice! Thanks for developing this service, I’m excited to use it once it’s available!

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#Markimus, do you have any idea about when this service will be available? Thanks

Hi vinispira,

The plan is Q4 2023, though right now we are open to trialling this out to individual beta testers. If you’re open to testing a service where things may go slightly wrong (though will be ironed out as and when that happens) sign up using our beta testing link.

@Markimus Would love to test and provide feedback, as I think I have an interesting “data set” with about 250 MB, not too large and nothing super crazy.

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