Notion 2 Obsidian Migration Instructions

it just says syntax error every time i type pip install easygui ?
what should i do ? i am extremely new and inexperienced in anything code-related

Managed to make it work on mac. Steps required:

  1. Open terminal and navigate to the folder with
  2. Type in terminal pip3 install --upgrade pip and press enter
  3. Type in terminal pip3 install tkinter and press enter
  4. Type in terminal brew install [email protected] and press enter
    Install finished, now run it:
    Type in terminal python3 and press enter

If anyone here is looking for further help with migrating their data from Notion to Obsidian, send over a PM.

It’s frustrating not being able to have everything in one place, having to maintain both Notion and Obsidian and not having the interoperability, the graph view and connections that Obsidian allows.

I’ve personally had to do this with my own data, so I am able to offer a custom solution that works way better than the standard Notion “export”, using Notion’s API to export your data to markdown files.

People’s data on Notion is often linked in peculiar ways, such as certain linked databases etc., and you may want a custom solution to export it in a particular way.

I know that people’s data are usually particularly sensitive, so you would have full access to the code to make sure nothing fishy is going on, and to get it running you would simply run it on your end with some instructions on how to use it.

I would only need some information on how your data is laid out to produce something that can transfer it over, without having to review anything.

This is a paid solution due to the time and effort it would take to set up, though if you’re really having trouble with this then get in touch and I can help you get your data into Obsidian seamlessly.

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