Notification of an existing note in the entire vault

What I’m trying to do

Hello.When I create a new note and give it a title, I would like to receive a notification or some kind of indication if a note with the same name already exists in the entire vault. Having unique names for my notes is important to me.

Things I have tried

I searched the internet and came across this link: Find a way to prevent - or detect - duplicate file names in a vault · Issue #1 · claremacrae/obsidian-experiments-plugin · GitHub. I decided to give it a try and downloaded the Customjs plugin. Initially, I placed the source code (dataviewjs.js) in the same folder where Customjs is located, and in the columns with individual files. However, it didn’t work. I then attempted to use the third option, but that also didn’t work. To be honest, at this point, I’m completely lost and don’t understand what’s going on and what I should do.

I appriciate your help.

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