Notification architecture

It’d be nice if obsidian could have some way of notifying the user. This could come in use for making a notification of writing something in their daily journal or for a plugin to make a notification for their particular purpose.


:+1: For this feature.

I’ve been trying out tools like Obsidian and was particularly impressed with the way Hypernotes has implemented To-Do items that can have due dates and reminders attached to them. Unforunately there are so many total blockers with Hypernotes (syntax highlighting effectively broken, block re-ordering is a mess, etc.), I figured I’d settle on Obsidian and see if a plugin could be put together.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure to notify the user kinda needs to be part of the app itself from what I can see, if only from a permissions point of view (definitely with iOS and macOS, not sure other platforms).

This could start off as just something that’s added to the app but with effectively minimal or no functionality and then be extensible via plugins.

There is a working plugin that add “notification support” for pc, however the dev can’t support the mobile app because the functionality isn’t support yet.