Notes with checkboxes in Evernote not imported through Yarle

I’m importing about 10.000 notes from Evernote in Obsidian using Yarle. The notes are distributed amoung lots of notebooks. First I export each notebook, then I put them through Yarle and import them into Obsidian. This far, this is going pretty OK.

However, when I check the old notebook in Evernote and the new notebook in Obisidian, several notes are missing. These are all notes that contain checkboxes in Evernote.

What I’m trying to do

Has anyone else noticed missing checkbox-notes from Evernote after using Yarle? Is there a solution to solve this?

Hi @EllenWorkingSoft ,

I’m the developer of yarle. Can we discuss it in github?
Today evening I think I’ll have time to check what Yarle recognizes wrongly, however I think I added some tests for checkboxes as well. Which Evernote version do you use for exporting your notes?
Thanks in advance!

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