Notes text not visible in editor after entering graph view

Hi there. I created a bunch of notes in a folder/directory in my existing desktop file structure. The files are still there, so that’s good! I looked at them in graph view (which also shows the ‘ghost’ yet-to-be-written notes which I have pre-emptively linked to in the notes I have written)

However, when I close out of graph view, the text I have already written in the completed notes is invisible in the editor window. This is incovenient as I wish to edit them further on the basis of what I have already written.

Apologies if this is an incredible newbie question, I just started using Obsidian today.

Edit - solved(ish)

Okay I figured this out, kind of. I renamed my original vault folder. Obsidian somehow retained or rewrote folder under the original name, which only contained the .obsidian folder and was otherwise empty of notes. So it had retained the titles of notes (I guess in the workspace file?) but not the content.

I copied the notes from the renamed file into the originally named folder, and then Obsidian displayed them as expected.

I have no idea how or why Graph View played a part in this - possibly something beneath the hood had Obsidian write a new folder under the old name when I entered graph mode. But the graph.json in the new file reflects the new name, and I can’ty see any telltale signs in the worspace or config files either.

Anyway, this may help other users. Look for an empty folder under the name of your old vault. I guess I will just put up with the old folder name for now.

FWIW I am running Linux 5.9.11-3, Manjaro 20.2.

that is odd, can you post some screenshots/screen recordings?

Hi - thanks for getting back to me - I describe how I resolved it above.