Notes starting with accented characters (Á, É, etc.) disappeared / not showing neither in notes nor in iCloud filesystem

I have some folders in assets/attachments to go with those files; the folders with the starting accented names are there. Not the MD files.

Is it an Obsidian or iCloud issue? I imported on Windows PC and used the desktop (older type of) iCloud (the exe) to upload/sync with iPad. No idea when the disappearance actually happened.
Could it have happened on indexing (both devices did that of course)?

I had also OmniSearch plugin enabled at the time, I reckon. If it means anything.

I am at a loss here.

My apologies. Those files have not been converted by my VBA Macros (for some reason the filenames with diacritic marks will come after Z).
Yet, upon some research, my Windows also acts very strange around searching for starting characters and accents. Treats A = Á. Maybe since the last update? I don’t know…

I had to use an Android device and file manager to sort my files starting with diacritics…
Hope this helps others in the same boat.

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