Notes renamed to have an apostrophe get deleted

So I’m a new (very new) Obsidian user, basically trialling it for possible replacement of my current note-taking solution. To that end, I exported notes from my old app (Joplin) and created some Obsidian vaults to play around and test.

Some of my notes from my old app have apostrophes in the titles of the notes. When I copied them to the new Obsidian vault, the apostrophes in the title changed to underscores. Not a huge deal, just aesthetically unpleasing to me, so I used Obsidian’s rename feature to change the underscore back to an apostrophe and went about my day. I came back later to look at the note in Obsidian and it was gone. Checked the file system. Gone there too.

I had another note that previously had an apostrophe in the title, now an underscore. I tried the rename function in Obsidian to put the apostrophe back. Moments later the note was gone. Checked the file system. Wasn’t there.

Creating a note in Obsidian from scratch with an apostrophe in the title seems to work just fine. Creating a note in Obsidan from scratch, then using rename to add an apostrophe to the title also seems fine.

So it seems that using the rename function on my “imported” notes is causing a problem. Anyone know what that might be or how I can track it down?

Thanks to all.


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