Notes from a shared vault not loading

Things I have tried

Note titles are present. I can open the files on iAWriter then save. the notes become visible in Obsidian after that. This vault is shared and stored on Dropbox.

My personal vault is fine and stored on iCloud.

How can I fix this?

What I’m trying to do

It has happened to me once that my Obsidian vault was refusing to load. The folder was stored on Microsoft OneDrive. To fix the issue, I created a new, empty Obsidian vault in another folder. Then, I copied all the files and folders from the damaged vault folder into the new vault folder (except for the .obsidian folder, which contains the app). That folder, I left behind.

Finally I opened the .obsidian folder to see the list of themes and community plugins that I was using. Having re-installed these in the new vault, I still had to repeat all my customizations, but at least my data was retrieved.

Hope this helps.

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