Notes and attachments deleted when syncing a new device

What I’m trying to do

I installed Obsidian from the Play Store on my new Pixel Tablet. I configured my sync settings, and then over the next several minutes everything seemingly got synced down to my device.

Today, I noticed a lot of notes missing from Obsidian on my PC, so I checked the deleted items in the sync settings, and hundreds of notes (and several file attachments) were deleted, supposedly by my Pixel Tablet 2 days ago, which was when I set it up, even though all I did was enable sync and wait for it to finish, and I most definitely did not delete anything.

I have Obsidian on a Windows PC, a Linux PC, a Pixelbook (running the Linux version), a Pixel 6 Pro (Android 13), and finally the Pixel Tablet. This issue did not occur on the initial sync of any of those other devices.

What I’m trying to do is understand what happened and if there’s anything I should be doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Things I have tried

I’ve found several other posts where people had similar issues (syncing to a new device, or a device that hasn’t been used in a while, resulting in deleted notes and/or attachments), but most of them are from years ago, and often closed without a real solution, so I’m unsure if the cause is still the same or if the symptoms are just similar.

I want to be able to trust that my data is safe in Obsidian, and I did until now, but not knowing why this happened or if/when it might happen next worries me.

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