Noteboards and Visual Management

Hello, I’m new here. Recently tried Obsidian, now it’s my daily tool for ‘second brain’ and project management! Thanks. Working boards, or an approach mostly known as ‘Visual Management’ very usefull for any kind of management or conceptualization process.
It would be awesome if something like this was in Obsidian as a plugin. Actually dev team already using one - Trello Boards for road map :wink:
Something like basic functional: free size board with zoom, drag and drop notes from side panel, pictures (attachments), maybe basic vector shapes, resize them, so on.
For myself I use several boards. One for each project and separate for daily tasks. So it would be natural for user to have several boards as separate files.
How about this idea, guys? :wink: Maybe there is already working open-source solution, awaiting to be implemented in Obsidian?


I saw this on the The Architect Of YouTube channel. It is tool based on markdown that is kanban board. Haven’t fully looked through it, but it looks like an electron app. Imdone

I’m the maker of imdone if you have any questions.