Note title showing but not the note

Things I have tried

I share a vault in dropbox and now I only see the note titles.
the body of my notes are blank. The files are there and can be opened with iAwriter. When I save the note, it now shows up in Obsidian. How can I fix this?

What I’m trying to do

More info needed.

What OS? What version of Obsidian? What installer version?

There were recent changes, so you might need to download a fresh installer from the Obsidian website. The editor has changed quite a bit recently.

Does it still happen if you go to default theme?

Does it still happen if you turn off community plugins?

I’m using MacOS 12.3.1
Obsidian V. 0.14.6
Yes, it is on the default theme.

Not sure about the installer

Hope this helps.

Try reinstalling from the latest download on the website.

Yes, that did the trick. Thank you so much.

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