Note position jumps to the top on creation of a new note

Steps to reproduce

I just opened up one of my notes and turned off all CSS and plug ins. In the note I have

  • links to created notes
  • links to uncreated notes
  • folding bullet points, some are indented
  • text
  • headers
  • line breaks
  • meta-data
  • highlighted text

When I go to click on a link to an uncreated note, it jumps from the current position to a new position, typically the top of the note. See below GIF.

Expected result

The note position to stay where it is at

Actual result

Note position jumps to the top of the note


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 12.10

Additional information

Pretty please,

  1. No css and no third party plugins

  2. Search before posting