Note level control of graphview behavior

Problem statement: graphview is great, but quickly becomes unusable if the user links too many internal links, i.e. meeting notes referencing attendees, locations, projects, and tasks. Some would say use graphview tag filters, but this is a non-permanent per-viewing mechanism. I’ve seen people turn to having a note page with filter lines they cut and paste into the graphview Filter each time they use it.

The reason to put it at the notes control is to support exceptions to the rule. For example: one meeting that is so important that you want to see all outgoing links, but once the project is done, you may want to stop all outgoing links from this note.

Solution, a frontmatter graphhide: (true, false, stop)
false - shows node, default behavior
true - hides the note from graphview
stop - show note, but stops view of all outgoing links from this note, but allows incoming links to show. So you can reference people, locations, etc. in a note without making a lot of outgoing connections in graphview. Example: project referencing people and subproject pages, or referencing academic papers and references.

Some use cases:

  1. daily meetings where you link attendees, locations, projects, etc., graphview is not good at handling this. This quickly becomes a cobweb of links. Programs like TheBrain handle this by focusing in on the selected point, but since Obsidian keeps the same view, it quickly becomes unusable when the link counts become too high.

  2. a DB Folder page: Recipes for example. Each recipe note may refer to the DB Folder Recipes note, but you may not want every recipe showing in graphview, just the DB Folder page.

You can bookmark the graph to save the current configuration. Each graph bookmark, when clicked, loads the graph with the settings it had at the time of the bookmark.

It sounds like you might also find the local graph view useful.