Note in (right) side pane - hotkeys, shortcuts, etc

Things I have tried

In a vault dedicated to my research, I created a note with my tasks.
To easily work with the tasks (view a checklist, auto-hide tasks ‘done’, etc.) I drag the note to the right side pane.
With some ‘css snippets’, this is the result:

This works fine as a checklist (preview mode by default): check and auto-hide tasks done.
If I want to edit something without open the note in the main workspace, it’s possible (via menu title, not by hotkey ⌘+E) change to edit mode…
But in this edit mode the hotkeys, shortcuts, etc… doesn’t work.

What I’m trying to do

Even with the cursor activated at any point of this note (in side pane, in edit mode), if I activate any hotkey (bold, italic, templater, etc.) the respective action is reflected in the note open in main view, not in the desired one!
The only shortcuts that works fine are the copy-paste ⌘C and ⌘V.


Did I miss something? This is a bug or an intended behavior/limitation for notes in side pane?


Sorry for duplication, I didn’t find that.

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