Note Composer - Merge and Split on Aliases

Use case or problem

Say I have a note Animal with aliases: [Dog, Cat]. I have another note, Turtle, which I would like to merge with Animal and make the alias now aliases: [Dog, Cat, Turtle]. But Turtle has many backlinks, and using Note Composer to merge Turtle to Animal destroys the reader view text:

“A [[Turtle]] is a type of reptile” is now “A [[Animal]] is a type of reptile” in many notes. To avoid this I would have to edit each Turtle backlink individually. This also occurs when I want to split Animal into Cat, Dog, and Turtle: an individual edit on each backlink.

Proposed solution

When using Note Composer merge, I would like instead an option to make it such that “A [[Turtle]] is a type of reptile” is now “A [[Animal|Turtle]] is a type of reptile”. I would also like a new function Note Composer split that can split an aliased note into its aliases, handling backlinks by making [[Animal|Turtle]] now point to [[Turtle]].

Current workaround (optional)

I use Atom in my vault (text editor IDE), Ctrl+Shift+F to find and replace backlinks over my entire vault.

Related feature requests (optional)