Note A randomly overwritten with content of Note B

I’ve tried multiple times now where the content of Note A is overwritten by the content of Note B. Note B still exists.

Note A and B are completely unrelated and the only thing they have in common is that they have both been opened recently.

Note A keeps it’s original title but there is no way to receive the information in Note A again.

I have no Idea how to reproduce the error.

I think one of the times it occurred I had recently changed the name of Note B (but that name had no resemblance to the name of Note A)

I’m using obsidian with all core plugins and one community plugin (Citations).
The obsidian vault folder is in Google Drive as is synced to mobile through Obsidian Sync

Try not to use Google drive and see what happens

Could It be an issue with obsidian Sync and google’s sync not working well together?
I’ll try and report back if it persists

Google sync is known to have issue. You didn’t say which OS are you on.
Also in google sync make sure to configure it so the files are present on your disk an on streamed on demand.