Not all monospaced fonts are selectable

So, I’ve got several programming fonts that I experiment with for development, particularly because they include programming ligatures, which I like.
I’ve got one particular font, a monospaced font. It comes up as such in every other program I’ve tried. It shows up BOLDED in Visual Studio, meaning that VS recognizes it as a monospaced font (along with a number of other, such as FiraCode or Cascadia Code.

And yet, the Font selector for a monospaced font in Obsidian DOES NOT list the font. It lists others that are supposedly monospaced, but not this one.

HOWEVER, if I edit the config file manually and just enter the name of the font, then restart Obsidian, it recognizes it, loads it and displays it just fine, including the ligatures.

Not sure why it’s not included in the font selector.

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