Not able to Type Complete Word, DEL long before Completion

Hi all, so I was just trying to type out the words “Kitchen Measurements” when as soon as I am four or five letters into the word I can’t type any longer -half of the word get’s deleted.

Acting and looking almost like auto-complete but the opposite in that it deletes everything.

If I type with a ( ) it picks up and deletes the entire word, etc. within the brackets

Yup, okay, so it’s not just “measurements.” If I continue to type on the same or seperate line, the same thing. Half way through and nothing else.

Is this a bug?

I had opened my vault and was typing in Logseq a few moments before. If that may have anything to do with it?

can you please post a screen recording?

Did you have both logseq and obsidian open at the same time?

I’d also ask: do you have any themes, snippets, or plugins enabled?

Do you have plugins installed or css?

Are other programs accessing this file?

DO you have some custom shortcut set up?

Does it happen in the help vault?

Do you have some special keyboard or system that might be sending unusual keycodes?

@ryanjamurphy Yes, a few. See -


  1. Pluggins see below - haven’t caused any problems until now.
  2. No
  3. I have a text expander with a few scripts haven’t used within opened file
  4. Doesn’t seem to be happening in the help fault
  5. No special keyboard.

It’s either a plugin or your text expander.
Do you have installed some plugins that delete a note if you dont write fast enough of you write too much?

Nope. Definitely note. haha Otherwise I’d be left with a blank page always. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok let me know if you figure out which plugins is problem.

Just disabled all plugins though safe mode. Along with the text expander. Still having the same problems.

where is yuor vault stored? is it on dropbox or google drive?

Google Drive

if you disable google drive, does it happen?

Oh, sorry, my vault isn’t stored in Google Drive.

I thought you were refering to this response with the GIF link: Not able to Type Complete Word, DEL long before Completion - #6 by mabdallay

This is just so odd. Where are your files stored? what version of obsidian do you have?
Post a screen recording of your whole screen with no plugins and no css.

what’s you OS? which software are running on your computer? are you sure you don’t have this problem in the help vault?

@WhiteNoise files are stored on my computer. Obsidian version: 0.11.3. Will post a screen recording when time allows.

Windows 10. Yes the help fault is totally fine. Today, I also notice the problem didn’t exist until I opened a link note and tried to type within the linked note.

If the help vault isn’t a problem, it’s something you’ve added to the vault, or it’s a problem with other services operating on those files (like Google Drive). Try experimenting with the plugins you’ve installed.