Not able to Type Complete Word, DEL long before Completion

Hi all, so I was just trying to type out the words “Kitchen Measurements” when as soon as I am four or five letters into the word I can’t type any longer -half of the word get’s deleted.

Acting and looking almost like auto-complete but the opposite in that it deletes everything.

If I type with a ( ) it picks up and deletes the entire word, etc. within the brackets

Yup, okay, so it’s not just “measurements.” If I continue to type on the same or seperate line, the same thing. Half way through and nothing else.

Is this a bug?

I had opened my vault and was typing in Logseq a few moments before. If that may have anything to do with it?

can you please post a screen recording?

Did you have both logseq and obsidian open at the same time?

I’d also ask: do you have any themes, snippets, or plugins enabled?