Not able to switch to Graph view or Non-Note leaf panes using shortcuts

Steps to reproduce

Open multiple notes as well as images and graph view

Expected result

I should be able to switch panes including images or graph view

Actual result

The shortcuts don’t work including that offered by Cycle Pane Plugin.


  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.15 and earlier too.

Additional information

we don’t provide support for third party plugins.

What native shortcuts did you set?

The problem is not with some plugin, but native pane switching/focusing feature using Hotkeys. In my case, the hotkeys don’t allow me to focus on a pane which is a Graph view pane or Pane showing some media like PDF, image or video. Only I am able to switch focus between Notes Panes

It works for me. Can you provide a screen recording?

Sorry for the low quality, but I will expain what I did.
I just pressed hotkeys to cycle through the panes. The image pane and graph pane never gained focus.

I am using Cycle thru panes Plugin. since, I didnot got time to set hotkeys. But I assure you, I got same result after setting hotkeys natively in app.

Once again, we don’t provide support for third party plugins. Contact the author of that plugin.

I tried again without plugin, set hotkeys, even then it is not working.

which hotkey did you set? can you post a screen recording without thirdparty plugins and css. Showing which hotkeys you set and that is not working