Not able to find per-tab history on Obsidian 1

I am looking for per-tab history I saw on the Obsidian 1.0 release notes.

Things I have tried

I have gone through the settings but not able to find any options for it.

Does any how to get this feature?

(I am using Obsidian on Windows 10.)

There’s no setting, you just use the arrow buttons that are in each tab (to the left of the tab title). If you have tab titles turned off, you’ll have to use hotkeys or the navigation commands in the command palette, or use the Commander plugin to add the commands somewhere.

Thanks for your reply.
But there is no arrow on my tabs!
obsidian per tab history missing

They’re below that, between there and the note. If there’s nothing between there and the note, you can turn it on at Settings > Appearance > Show tab title bar.

This worked. Thank you!!

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