Noob Tab or to Indent?

I new to Obsidian after leaving Evernote, specifically bc I do not want to sync my work to their storage. Local storage is a must for me.

I am also new to markdown and need a little help.

How do I re-create the following in Obsidian using markdown techniques?

Random Text Here More Text here
Text Here More Text here
Random Text More Text here
Random Text He More Text here

How do I get the text on the right to line up?

Thanks, Vindi

Hahahah. I can’t even explain my problem. I’ll post a pic.


How do I get the text on the right side to line up?

Do you want to have columns in your text?

Option 1: Use a monospace font

If you use a monospace font in Obsidian, you can essentially have columns just by entering the correct number of spaces.

You need to use a monospace font because in a monospace font, all the letters are the same width.

Otherwise, it may not work so well.


Some text here                   More text here
Some other text here             Text here

Option 2: Use tables

Markdown in Obsidian supports tables! Read this guide to learn how to use them.

Option 1 sounds like a simple solution. Where do I go to make that change?


Download a theme, or add this to the obsidian.css file in your vault’s folder. If there isn’t one already, create a plain text file, and save it as obsidian.css.

.markdown-source-view {
    font-family: monospace

You can replace monospace with the name of the font you want to use. If you use monospace, it will just use your system’s default monospace font.

Make sure to have quotes surrounding your font’s name, “like this”, if the font’s name has a space in it.


Hi, sorry for reviving an old post, but I found this while googling the exact same problem, but came up with a different solution that others might also find useful:

If you don’t want to use a monospace font, you can still align things by using the spacebar, and then fix the last small imperfections in the alignment with the different mathjax spacing options. Personally, I find that adding $\,$ is the most useful (add it before the sentences that start slightly too early). I also use $\qquad$ to create a larger space (it works almost as tab does in a Word dokument).

In practice it looks something like this:

Week 11: $\qquad \,$ Doing this, doing that.
Week 12: $\qquad$ Doing more awesome stuff.

It should result in a neatly aligned second column (it’s not perfect, but close enough):

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But that essentially is Mathjax syntax for spacing, but if it works as fix then good! :slight_smile:

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