Non-native mouse cursor

Recent versions of Obsidian seem to force a non-native set of mouse cursors.

I’m using the Gnome desktop environment on Linux but moving the mouse into Obsidian changes its cursor to something that looks different than it does everywhere else. I don’t have any custom themes or that sort of thing installed… it’s mostly just default settings everywhere.

Any way to make that not happen?

From Licat (May 4th, 2022):

  • PSA for theme developers: We’ve made a major change with respect to cursors and selection in the new (cm6) editor. From now on, the primary cursor and selection will be native. Previously the native cursor and selection were hidden and we artificially render all pieces of selection using a around the selected text. This new way has several advantages: - Much more performant, less battery drain. Native animations of the blinking cursor and selection pieces render faster and don’t require re-rendering as much when the selection changes. - Better compatibility with input methods. This fixes many issues with IME (input methods) for east asian languages (CJK).

As far as I know, the only CSS change you can make to the cursor without a plugin is the color →

.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-line {
    caret-color: var(--text-accent);

Using the Nijna Cursor plugin, additional styles are possible →

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