Node alignment as a straight line (as a timeline) in the graph view

I want to use Obsidian for history.

I have created notes for the years 1700 - 1800 and linked them successively.
Accordingly, in the graph view I see the numbers (= years) from 1700 to 1800, which are linked together. These numbers should represent a timeline ascending from left to right. I would like to connect the individual (year) nodes later with notes that contain events in the respective years.

I can’t get a straight line, not even by stretching the number nodes. The shape is always slightly curved or wavy.

How can I create an absolutely straight line in the graph view?

I have not found anything in my search in the plugins. Chat GPT told me some plugins that can supposedly create such a line. However, these plugins are not (or no longer) available in the community plugins.

Thanks in advance for any hint.