No Web Clipper - Did I miss something?

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Did I miss something, there is no Webclipper built into Obsidian? I am moving from Evernote (I just finished transferring my data to Notion but I am looking for a solution that keeps data locally, I can be off line a lot), Obsidian seemed great but I dpn’t see how to add web content, is this “shortly due”?


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there isn’t an official web clipper (there are some third party extensions)

Obsidian is primarily for notes your write not for content that you collect from the internet.


I suggest MarkDownload. It works very well as a Obsidian friendly wev clipper, which one of my vaults is dedicated to.


Excellent! I use this addon in both Firefox and MS Edge.

Maybe I am trying to force a Square Peg into a Round Hole. My primary use is collecting and modifying Web Content (so I have an “external store” of things that I have found with added notes/tags so I can dig things up). Maybe Obsidian is not for me, any suggestions of other tools I should look at (I think I mentioned I am leaving Evernote as they appear to have “run their course”)?

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You can try MarkDownload + Obsidian and see if it fits your workflow. Otherwise, maybe readwise? or some other clipper pocket?

I prefer the Obsidian clipper bookmarklet

@pdworkman Where do I find that?

I suggest MarkDownload as a webclipper, and Extract Highlights plugin (within Obsidian) to slice and dice your reference content.

I think this is the right one: Obsidian Web Clipper Bookmarklet to save articles and pages from the web (for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and mobile browsers) · GitHub

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