No markdown inside HTML tags?

I like to take advantage of the <details> tag to hide spoiler information, but I also want to use Obsidian’s internal linking within. Whenever I use html tags, no markdown will render inside. That’s a huge bummer because I’ve also tried to change the style of Obsidian links[^1], and headers won’t register correctly if inside <span> tags for styling purposes[^2].

Is this just default behavor I can override somehow, or is there some kind of sanitation going on for security reasons?

[^1]: I don’t want to change the style of Obsidian links globally, because I’d like links to be color coded basd on context.

[^2]: Again, I have a reason for the same level header to be differently color coded based on context.

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That must be because of what you are trying to do with them. The Highlightr plugin uses HTML tags without overriding markdown links or tags.

What I’m trying to do is add style where markdown really lacks it. I’m not savvy enough with the languages at play here to create styles without breaking the way the preview renderer works.

I’ll check the plugin catalog for anything that may be useful.

I try to keep my notes simple, so I hate bloated apps like OneNote, but I need more functionaly to add styles and formatting than Sublime Text is capable of. That’s where Obsidian has been super awsome, but I hate the way markdown works. Whitespace is ignored and everything is left-aligned.

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