No Left Vertical Menu Strip in new Theme SHIMMERING FOCUS

Things I have tried

There is nothing to try as the Left Vertical menu panel is absent, so I cant open another vault nor change this theme as the Settings button in the side panel cannot be accessed as there is no side panel itself.

There is a Settings button at the bottom but that takes you to the Theme Settings page where even the name of the Theme is not stated. In the About link it states Current Version v0.13.33 (Installer Version v0.8.1)

What I’m trying to do

I installed a new Theme called SHIMMERING FOCUS

In this Theme there is no Left Side Vertical panel so I cant navigate properly, and cannot change the Theme.

No left side vertical panel means I cannot access
Open Another Vault
Quick Switcher

Even the top left right arrows are missing

The right side panel opened but now there is no collapse button
The left side List of Files panel is showing but there is no collapse button

This is awful or I must be missing something

Someone Please Help

I believe this theme hides the settings bar until you either hover over the left side of the window or somewhere on the bottom left.

In any theme, the hotkey to open settings is CTRL/CMD + , (that’s hold CTRL or CMD and press the comma).

Edit - After looking at this theme for the first time in a while, it’s really quite beautiful. You can control the elements using the Style settings plugin - which means you can re-enable the UI ribbons and buttons that the theme hides on first load. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it, please!

Thanks Erisred, the problem is solved
I could switch to another Theme
which is not to say that this theme is bad, only it did not suit my temperament

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