No image in my markdown file! Is it standard and natural?


I’m zero with Obsidian and just try to understand and learn. I clip a webpage in markdown file output and then import it (by drag and drop) into Obsidian. the webpage includes images, but the markdown in Obsidian just shows texts and links. Is it okay? I need those clipped webpages with their images. What should I do with webpages with images?


can you give us some of the markdown where the images should be?
Have you also checked the preview? (Ctrl/cmd + e)

There are no images in the “Preview Mode” as well! I clipped this page and attached the markdown file here. just the last paragraph of text, not all text, links, and also images!
6000+ Vintage & Collectible Pencils Bob Truby’s Brand Name (536 Bytes)

random zip files are scary, could you maybe paste the markdown into a Pastebin instead?

And how did you clip it?

This is neither a problem of obsidian nor the web clipper you are using - it is due to the fact how the website is built. If you have a look at the source of the website you can see that the images it contains are just previews of other subsites within a container. I am not an expert in coding web clippers - but usually they just clip the main section of a website, which, in this case, is just the text (the last paragraph). Everything else is just a kind of “menu” that is not picked by the webclipper (and it should be like that - otherwise you would always have included masses of menus, links to subpages and external links - even for example the links to “impressum” and “about” etc. that you don’t want to have when you clip a page…). could probably explain this behavior and the underlying structural prerequisites of a website’s composition in more technical terms… Maybe there might be some kind of workaround for this - currently, however, I have no idea if this is possible with the kind of site you mentioned…



this is the markdown file from the zip:

### Got pencils?

I’ve built this pencil collection by trading with people just like you, from all over the world. Do you have any rare or vintage brand name pencils that you’d like to sell or trade, or even just a question about that old pencil you found in your grandfather’s desk? **[Drop me a pencil!](**  
_— Bobby_

I can see two things being wrong.

First: It doesn’t use proper syntax for images. ![title](link to image) is how you have you write it, yours is **[title](link)**

Second: Your link does not point to an image, but to the contact page.

This is not the problem, however, in this case - the question was (as far as I understood) why the part above is not clipped - means the dozens of pencil images with their description…

But yes (@Masoud): generally, in order to embed images (and not only link to them) you need a foregoing ! in obsidian

I tried these page, in the English language and this page in the Persian language (my mother language and the most pages I need to clip and archive) this time I got a folder with images and its markdown file for each version of two different websites, then I moved them into my vault and after I open the markdown file in Obsidian, Now I have images as I expect.
The markdown with a folder with images are okay, but some websites that I need to archive them, just give me a single markdown file (no image folder!?).
I don’t need extra and unnecessary images like banners, icons, and these things, just body text and images related to articles I should archive, the rest things are important.
I tried this page in the Persian Language (there is some image in this link, but I need the article image or big image at top of the article, but the clipped markdown doesn’t get it). The markdown just has text with no image.

So this is bad news for me with Obsidian and needs back to Evernote that is at least grab and clip every web page? I can’t understand why this happen for some pages and doesn’t for others.
Maybe I should wait and see the next Obsidian versions to fix these kinds of weird problems? Maybe I don’t have some knowledge background of these kinds of knowledge management programs. Just need a program to archive webpages (in a clean version with whole text and images) and connect events and people that should be connected to each other. Evernote clip perfectly, but the things it hasn’t is can’t connect thing and people in graph view or timeline views like historians and researchers who research and work on many events and people.

Sorry, how to copy markdown into Pastebin? I log in to Pastebin and there’s a box to insert text into it. Should I open a markdown file with a text editor and past it in there? and how to bring it here? it’s confusing. As I said to alltagsverstand in my reply, I could clip two different webpages successfully with images, because the clipper gave me a markdown and a folder with images (in this way, is okay, but just a markdown file, is not a thing that works and it’s incomplete and useless for me).
For clipping, just click the clipper icon in Chrome, also select “Include font/back template” on the top of the clipper window.

I gave you the explanation in my above post: it has nothing to do with obsidian, but with the way the website stores its (visible) content.! The pages you cited now are built differently: in the first example the images are included in the main section (or container) of the website’s body - that is why a markdown web clipper does clip the images. In your second example (the Persian site) you want to have the image at the top of the website (if I understood right) - which is of course not clipped because it is part of the website’s header.

I have never worked with evernote - but as far as I know evernote’s web clipper works in a completely different way: it does not just clip the main content, but mirrors the complete webpage. There are clippers, I guess, outside of evernote that work in a similar way - you might try for example the firefox extension ScrapBee. Yet, this is not a markdown clipper. Markdown is just text files - thus users normally won’t expect a markdown web clipper to store all the content of a web page (which might be a lot and does not result in one single file, but many files and subfolders).

Yes, I meant why it wasn’t clip the pencils images and links.

Read my post again - I answered your question in detail already!

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To offer some practical advice - the two possible solutions available with a view to your problem are the following, as far as I can see:

  1. Search for a webclipper (like the one I mentioned above, ScrapBee for example) that does exactly the things you are looking for. But be aware that this won’t result in simple markdown files.
  2. Edit your markdown file manually and embed the image links in it.

In most cases, simple web clippers will include everything you want - if they don’t, the cause is the website itself and neither obsidian nor the clipper.

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You mean I try ScrapBee to clip web pages that Obsidian failed with them and then move ScrapBee output files into Obsidian’s vault? Sorry didn’t get understand. While I can clip with Evernote without any problem.
The second option seems better, but it takes much time with many web pages that I’m going to catch (more than a thousand web pages!).


  • it has nothing to do with obsidian
  • it has nothing to do with obsidian
  • it has nothing to do with obsidian

This is my last reply to this topic - to sum up (again):

  1. I gave you an explanation why clipping failed in your example
  2. I explained why this is neither an obsidian-related nor a clipper-related problem
  3. I explained why it works in evernote but not with your markdown web clipper
  4. I mentioned possible solutions and workarounds for your problem

So please - if you have another, different question, then you’re welcome to ask. Or if you haven’t understood a specific explanation I gave, then quote it and ask for clarification. But please don’t ask the same questions again and again…

Sorry if this sounds somehow harsh - it is not meant in a mean way. But I really tried to take some of my time in order to help you understand and maybe resolve your problem. But if you ask: “why doesn’t that work the way I expected?” and I give you an explanation for it, then you say something like “but I want it to work”, I repeat my explanation and offer you possible workarounds, then you ask again “yes, but why doesn’t it work the way I want it to work?” - sorry, but that doesn’t lead to anything…

Edit: I haven’t used ScrapBee yet (I have used ScrapBook some years ago, which is somehow the predecessor of ScrapBee), I was just doing some little research for you and proposed to try it out. But you have to try yourself - then you will see what output files it creates and check if you can quite easily transfer this to a markdown file - but don’t expect that this will work with just a single click! As I have explained already, it works in a completely different way than a simple markdown web clipper - similar to evernote’s clipper, I guess. But evernote is not based on markdown files. So if your main work consists in archiving quite comprehensive websites, then markdown maybe wouldn’t be the best choice for you…!?

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