"No File" in Preview Mode (Mac OS)

I am currently working on a piece of writing. I have Obsidian set up to display the editor mode on top, and the preview mode on the bottom. However, when I look at the document in preview mode, I see the words “No File” at the top of the viewer. What causes this, and how can I stop it? It just started showing up today after I enabled the Workspaces feature.

Is this what you are doing? Are you splitting the pane and then when you toggle the bottom pane to preview the top turns into no file?

Hi @LearningRabbitHole,

No, as soon as I split the pane, the “No File” header shows up.

I also have this. When I Cmd-Click on the preview icon of the file I’m writing in the preview has a h1 that says ‘No File’ instead of the file name like I have in the edit mode.