"No file" after deleting note, closing and re-opening vault

Steps to reproduce

  1. create a new vault or open an existing one
  2. create a note called “FooTest”
  3. delete this note either via hotkey or from the menu
  4. quit Obsidian
  5. re-launch Obsidian

Expected result

The typical “No file is open” pane to be displayed:


Actual result

A blank note called “No file” is opened in edit mode. This editor pane can be typed in, some context menus are shown (including “Delete” – nothing happens when you click that…) and the title of the note can be edited. This could potentially lead to unexpected data loss.


  • macOS 11.4
  • Obsidian 0.12.4
  • New vault, no plugins, no customizations


I can repro this. Quirky edge case, but the “No File” doesn’t exist on disk and this makes no vault changes. Closing the pane gets you back to normal.

Why is it labeled high priority?

@pmbauer I didn’t label it as such- maybe @WhiteNoise did. I guess if someone wasn’t aware of this and renamed “No Name” to “Super Important Class Notes” and typed a bunch of valuable info into it, it could be problematic to lose all of that…

I suspect it was marked high priority by our moderators because it’s a risk of data loss (“user accidentally writes and lose all content upon navigation”).

In either case, I have located the issue (it was introduced in May) and will issue a patch in the next release.

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