No automatic table of content for reference links like Roam?

I’ve seen a feature request for Table of Contents but it’s unclear to me if that is a feature for my question.

Let’s say I have 2 authors:

[[James Clear]]
[[Robert Greene]]

and I reference [[author]] on the same line. When I visit the [[author]] page it is blank. So I assume I have to manually insert the links to the authors on the page? If this is not a present capability of Obsidian I am hoping it is a planned feature? This is partly what I loved about Roam.

I am a little uncertain about what you’re asking for. Have you looked at the backlinks/mentions pane? It would show where “Author” has been linked before, along with a few lines of context.

Some users have discussed/requested an “import all links for this note”-type feature, maybe that’s what you’re seeking? Link all unliked mentions with on click

I would hope to have a way to see links basically automatically organized.

So if I have [[authors]] on the same line as an author I could then go to the author page and see a list of all the authors where I have referenced the [[authors]] page. I can’t find what you mean by. the backlinks pane, how can I find that?

Yes, I assume you are missing out on using the backlinks pane—that’s what it does.

The backlinks pane is usually accessed on the right sidebar. Expand it and there’s a link icon at the top.

Be sure to check out the help docs! Access them via the ? icon in the bottom-left of the app.