Nice bounce when scrolling to top of bottom of file

Use case or problem

I’ve noticed that the text editor doesn’t quite feel “right” to me. And this might be why: When you scroll to the top of bottom of a file, the scrolling just abruptly stops. In native (macOS, at least) apps there’s a nice “bounce”. This is sometimes called “rubber banding” or “elastic scrolling”.

Proposed solution

Add the bounce behavior. (gif recorded in iA Writer)

I know this request sounds ridiculous, but it’s one of those tiny details that would make the app get even more of that nice, premium, native feeling that makes me happy to spend time in it.


Thats really something that confuses me everytime I scroll. I mean reading this forum in Firefox gives me the bouncing effect.

But UI and text are really good now with live preview. It feels much more refined and more enjoyable to use. Kudos!

+1, that is exactly what’s bother me when switching between applications. Some themes start to appear really nice, but scrolling is somehow crippled. It is not only bouncing at the end/top of the scrool, but all feel - I would say because of “acceleration” of movement from the start in native mac OS apps - it seems like scrolling real object. But in obsidian scrolling feels just unnatural.